Theatre Management Associates, Inc.

About Theatre Management Associates

Theatre Management Associates (TMA) is a company whose principals have a combined experience of over 60 years in all aspects of the performing arts business such as programming and presenting, facilities and construction management, staff recruitment and training and contract negotiation. In addition, the associates that we work with on specialty issues have been selected based on our knowledge of their abilities and work standards. Our goal is to provide support to those wishing to create new venues, support to those existing venues wishing to reinvent themselves and finally, support to those venues in managerial transition through the provision of temporary management services.

As we all know, changes in venue management or operational philosophies can result in great advances or economic chaos. TMA has been created to reduce risks and improve results. Experienced professionals providing guidance in the creation or operation of your venue accomplish this.

The principals and associates of TMA are professionals who have experience in all aspects of theatre management. Our experience in management, programming and presenting ranges from community groups to major headline artists and includes the negotiation of contracts, establishment of operating philosophies, recruitment of staff and training of existing staff.

Should your organization have a need for our services please call us at 310.920.4595 and we will be delighted to schedule your appointment. Resumes of the principals are available on request.


Kurt C. Swanson, President